Biking, Burritos, and Bodysurfing

The first week of the bicycle tour has been full of generous gifts, spectacular food and unexpected surprises. Southern California showed us triple-digit temperatures and stellar ocean waves as we went 250 miles down the coast.

We spent our first night camping out in Point Mugu State Park at Sycamore Campgrounds. Despite it being an entirely booked out campground with many families camped side by side with little privacy, we were able to score our own secluded “hikers and bikers” site with a fire pit all to ourselves! Pro tip: if a state


campground is full, park your car outside the campground and walk in as a hiker. Jokes, riddles, a good campfire, and the company of the legendary Peter Miyakawa made for a memorable first night of our long journey ahead.

The following days were spent visiting our families and friends in West Los Angeles and Redondo Beach. While there were definitely many emotions that came into play saying goodbye to our incredibly loving families, the overarching memories that will stick with us and help keep our morales high throughout our trip are belly-aching laughter, exquisite meals, and big warm hugs.

A massive thank you goes out to the Hamilton family in Laguna Beach, the Hoffman family in Carlsbad, and Jordan Lampi in Pacific Beach for their warm hospitality 🙂


Despite sitting on our asses all day, becoming a bike tourist is hard-earned title. The word “hill” has an entirely new meaning when your bike weighs over 100 pounds; each foot of incline makes a considerable difference.

As we approached San Diego, there was a steep incline from the beach up into La Jolla. Three rotations on first gear got us about half a foot further. To make it more embarrassing, cars were zooming by a speed limit sign that said 50mph; we were barely cruising 3mph!

Following the coast along Highway 1 granted views of dolphins, whales, and plentiful pelicans. Each little beach town along the way had their own set of beach shacks, surfers and grub spots.


“This burrito was so good, I’m ordering another!” Biking for 50 miles each day through a southern California heat wave, we build up quite the appetite, making each town’s breakfast burrito joint that much more appealing!

As we continue on to a land of elegant tacos and tortas, we can’t help but wonder how the rest of the journey will compare to this first week, and the question repeating in the mind:

What constitutes a good adventure?



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