Nacer del Sol

As the sun glimpses the eastern horizon in the morning, the olive green branches above reflect the same mesmerizing hue as the grass field below the tent. When the clouds emerge vibrantly orange, the rooster begins the day’s symphony. And as the fiery orange welcomes the stronger yellow rays, the rooster’s call fades to the background, as the birds chirping becomes the melody. Silhouette outlines of the surrounding olive trees start to produce shadows on the dew covered ground, slowly evaporating as each blade of grass stretches toward the sun, as if the water droplets began a morning yoga routine using the distant cows’ mooing as a metronome. Between the two layers of green, the glowing grass and the lightly-coated leaves, the pale brown of Earth. And with this melodic rising of the sun, the Earth begins to show its true colors. To the birds’ chime, out of the darkness it emerges as if it is a champion boxer entering a fully packed arena. And slowly unveiling its form, hidden behind the branches, this land has more than its boxing opponent, the previous night, could have dreamed. Each branch, supporting a red finch, contains an ever-growing encyclopedia of growth, continuance and wonder. As the minute melodic tune gives way to the bright drum-beat of cars, people and places, we can consider ourselves awake and ready for the day!

What does your morning alarm sound like?

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