We’re Thankful For…

  • To have the health and strength, both mentally and physically to ride a bike, day in and day out
  • Support of family and friends that instills confidence in what we’re doing
  • We are spending our lives predominately outside; To fall asleep under the stars and wake up to fantastic sunrises
  • Time of day to develop new talents
  • Self-reliance; to be able to live on a bike in unfamiliar locations
  • We are thankful to have teachers from all walks of life, mothers, chefs, carpenters, children, fishermen, ranchers, engineers and other travelers.
  • The opportunity to extend a helping hand to others through World Bicycle Relief
  • Encouragement of strangers in every interaction, whether at a taco stand or on the road
  • Helpful hints along the way and the ability to spend three days going 500 extra kilometers to see something magical
  • Hospitality of locals welcoming us regardless, and their patient help with language development
  • We are thankful for those drivers who give us some space on the road to share, and especially thankful for those that wave or honk in encouragement
  • 2 minutes of downhill after 3 hours of working for the top
  • Silence only a bike can get you: an open road with nothing for miles
  • The camaraderie of every other cyclist on the road
  • Rain in the desert
  • Sunsets in places we didn’t even know existed
  • Spontaneity of having your entire life turn down a new road at any moment
  • Having special gear and thoughtful presents within our 4 bags
  • Ocean to jump into
  • To have a second chance to appreciate the little things like wind at your back, a cold fresh juice at the end of the hot day, delicious food to satisfy hunger and the shade of a date palm to kick it under

6 thoughts on “We’re Thankful For…

  1. A poem for Quincy and Dan-o

    each wave,
    …ripple, rise, slap…
    sand grains, beneath,
    …leap, tumble, slide…
    …leap, tumble, slide…

    how comforting it is –
    that every wave may crack upon
    our distant beaches
    in distempo
    the sand grains sprayed and dragged in dissimilar chaos
    on your beach and on mine,
    yet the tide draws its story in the sand all the same

    with every subsiding wave,
    with every moment that the ocean’s fingers
    draw back
    and the sand grains find stillness,
    in the hushing of the sea,
    so do we

    the tide, the moon,
    playing on our beach all the same,
    such subtle syncrony!

    let us live like clams
    our stories engraved
    in the shells
    we build with each breath
    of the ether that surrounds us
    and our dreams sewn
    with such similar sweetness
    by the tide


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