One Road

One road to go up, one road to go down

One road through fields, one road through town

One road to fly away, one road to return home

One road to unite friends, one road to be alone

One road for cyclists, one road for 18-wheelers

One road for gift-givers, one road for tortilla-stealers

One road to the water, one road to the land

One road paved with gravel, one road dirt and sand

One road to take your time, one road to get there soon

One road under the sun, one road under the moon

One road very short, one road in the distance

One road lasts forever, one road just an instance

One road cracked and bumpy, one road smooth as ice

One road long and hard, one road super nice

One road over mountains, one road through the desert

One road full of glory, one road full of hurt

One road to bike, one road to drive

One road to lose yourself, one road to survive

One road to go South, one road to go North

One road to go back and one road to go forth

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