Elephant Highway

I have my eyes peeled. Zambezi teak trees line either side of the road, and there is so much more life lurking behind their silhouettes..The Caution: Wild Animals road signs are a constant reminder. On this road, one truly feels as though they are deep in the interior of the African continent. Eagles are soaring […]

1700 to 0

The last leg of the Kenyan tour, from Nairobi to Mombasa, starts in the Central Highlands and ends in a beautiful white-sanded, Indian Ocean beach. So it’s all downhill, just with a couple uphills in between. Like the river that empties into the sea, this course has several bends that caress the African landscape in its path. The […]


The following is an account of the 313km that we rode in two days through the Sahara Desert to reach the capitol of Sudan, Khartoum. This was our final ride in the Sahara, and it was certainly a ride to remember. El Multaga, Sudan 8:00pm, day zero – We chowed down on our second dinner […]

Bicycle Bond

Cars don’t crowd the roads we’ve been riding across Africa. With one lane of pavement bending through the land’s terrain, the sound of an engine is as likely as the hum of bicycle tires passing by. Even though we enter these communities as clear outsiders, the bicycle becomes a connection point. Recognizing the physical exertion […]