Being a Bike Messenger

A bike messenger carries stories with them as they ride. The bicycle is a common experience to most people, and the idea of riding down the street, using your own power to push yourself forward, is commonplace in a child’s upbringing. The bike messenger relates to that inner child within us when he ecstatically cheersContinue reading “Being a Bike Messenger”

Working Hard For A Bad Reputation: Honduras

6:30 a.m.–brrrrrring brrrring brrrring, Gustavo’s alarm goes off. He wakes up to the sun rising over the Ulúa River valley, showers and puts on his electric company uniform. Gustavo’s breakfast routine is coffee, eggs with a hand-made tortilla and a copy of the newspaper, La Prensa. He turns page after page of political strife ofContinue reading “Working Hard For A Bad Reputation: Honduras”