Friends along the way…

Rootsman and Debra – Caye Caulker, Belize

The world is filled with incredible humans. Sometimes, the world is gifted the presence of SPECTACULAR people – Rootsman and Debra fall under this category. We spent over 10 magical days living on their island off the coast of Belize, learning their culture and sharing ours. From sailing the Caribbean on their handmade catamaran sailboat to relaxing under the shade of coconut palm trees for hours on end, we sure had a special experience with our magnificent new friends.

Wilde and his band of brothers- Dolores, Guatemala

Went looking for a quick bite to eat and found a family who considers pupusas and rice tea as everything they need. We shared soccer stories, favorite colors, bicycle rides, and several good meals with a family who goes around town their rural mountain on two wheels, just like us!


Villa Chable

Sometimes when we roll into a new town, the entire village comes out to see what’s going on. We felt blessed to be in a town rarely visited by foreigners and even more blessed to be considered part of the family.

Taqueria Montero- Macuspana

World class dining in off the chart locations. The chefs of this taqueria make the best pineapple tortas in all of Mexico, but hadn’t seen a foreigner walk through their doors in over four months.

Norma – Tequila, Mexico

An artistic woman who makes paper, books and rope from the unused part of the Agave plant. She helps to reduce waste of tequila plantations and supply artisans with needed supplies.

Pedro “Lance” Luna – Acaponeta

A charitable man who runs a cycling group in a rural fishing town to encourage bicycle use. He wants the next generation of Acaponeta to have a healthy physical outlet and reduce the use of cars or motorcycles.

Tuly – La Paz, Baja South

Second mother to hundreds of cyclists, Tuly hosts a house full of nomadic travelers. She introduced us to a warm welcome after finishing the entire length of the Baja Peninsula.

Chemo Acosta and Matty Scandoval -Bahía Asunción

A family of surfers in a tiny fishing town of Baja South showed us the unique aspects of living in a coastal desert, including how to harvest the Pitaya fruit from a sharp cactus. Like everyone in this small town, where the fish caught are collectively owned, they immediately accepted us as family, making our three days in Bahia Asunción absolutely fantastic.

Sergio, Anita and Adrean – Ojo de Liebre

There are people you meet that become friends, and there are people you meet that become brothers and sisters instantly. Sharing stories, photos, meals, bracelets, travel advice and games of backgammon for 3 days, we became next to kin with these other cycle tourists, who have been on the road for over three years, selling bracelets and working as chefs to pay their way forward.

Alejandro – Guerrero Negro

Owner of a fantastic sea food restaurant on the shores of Laguna Ojo de Liebre. He knows everyone in the fishing community, and gets all his fresh octopus, squid and lobster locally each day.

Eugy Grosso – Laguna Chapada

Hilarious truck-stop owner in the middle of the Valle de los Cirios, Eugy is part of a family of ranchers that have helped travelers on their way across the 300 mile desert for nearly two centuries.

Baja Mil Racing Team

We met a team of off-road drivers that were racing from Ensenada to La Paz, 1000 miles through the rugged dirt roads of desert and mountain rangers. This restaurant marked the first checkpoint, and a historical 50th anniversary f this daredevil event.

Israel – Vicente Guerrero

One of our first experiences of incredible hospitality in Mexico. Israel and his loving family hosted us in their lovely home and cooked us a wonderful pizza, while providing us with endless stories of their time spent traveling in Mexico.Eduardo and Marina Kanter showing us a warm welcome in Ensenada

Sean showing us his favorite local waves and guitar chords